Partnership. Transparency. Discretion.

As an independent investment manager, we develop investment products for professional players in conjunction with our network and enable them to gain unique access to projects.

We believe firmly that an investment product’s ability to retain value and stay future-proof depends on it being underpinned by a sustainable concept. In this respect, we see environmental and economic sustainability as a core element of our business strategy. This translates into new, innovative answers to old questions: What suits the situation? What are the things needed? What adds lasting value for users? Which project characteristics are absolutely necessary today – and which ones appear dispensable today but will be sorely missed tomorrow?

An approach that considers social, environmental and economic aspects and trends in equal measure is complex and requires effort. However, we can only deliver when we find a tailor-made concept together with urban planners, architects, mobility specialists, energy professionals and other experts based on a deep understanding of the situation. This is the only way to put PRIO’s plans on a solid foundation for investors as well as all others involved in the project.

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Volumes in planning


thousand square metres
gross floor area (GFA) above ground


residential units


million euros
total investment costs