PRIO Recovery

PRIO Recovery offers an investment opportunity with outstanding performance prospects for capital-strong investors in a special market phase.

Development project and construction companies face complex cost and earning challenges during this transitional period in the real estate sector. Holders of portfolios of existing properties have to deal with not only the question of refinancing at the end of a low-interest phase, but also with the urgently necessary optimisation of their building energy systems. Given the increased default risk, banks are questioning their engagements and tightening lending criteria while at the same time earning an interest markup again. Economic stagnation and geopolitical tension are macroeconomic parameters that are adding to the uncertainty in the post-pandemic phase. Investors of various natures and sizes are also being confronted with ambivalent signals when it comes to allocating funds.

In an opaque market environment, the focus with PRIO Recovery is on fundamental analysis. A significant divergence between supply and demand is to be expected, especially in relation to residential real estate. PRIO offers professional investors an option to invest in ESG-compliant, affordable, new-build, multistorey residential complexes on attractive terms with investment and holding vehicles for new-build properties with residential usage. Utilising unique market access and a long-term set-up for professional investment holding creates an investment opportunity with a highly attractive risk–reward profile for investors with strong capital.